Thursday, January 14, 2010


What have you to sell?
Charlie's is the best place to get quality used
tools. No chinese junk here! I found out I can spend
hours and tons of gas driving all over town looking
for something I can't find only to walk across the
street and find it at Charlie's. The store has been
here for a long time and is now run by Charlie's
grandsons I believe. They even have a hand full
of Whitworth wrenches, try and find that at
your local Ace Hardware.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Triumph Day One

This is a very loose mock up of my next build
a 58' Triumph preunit. David Bird hardtail with
0 stretch 1" drop. I'm so tempted to go 18" in the
back and 21" in the front but it just looks right
with the 16" and 19". Let me know what you think!
Gonna be a tiny, tiny bike.

Shovel Project

Its coming together slowly, I really need to
get on it and paint the tins.
Stay tuned for a crazy puzzle paint job.