Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seat pan

Finished making this seat pan
through some paint on it to prevent rust
now I can get to covering it.
I ended up welding a few supports to the back side 
to stiffen it up a bit and made a clip to attach to the frame.

Building a Rotocaster!

Found this motor at a local surplus store,
Found some gearing and chain, still need
a few more gears to slow the 6 rpm 
motor down to 3-4 rpms.
My welding is improving, 
I'm happy with at least 50% of these.
Got the base started a done after work today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exhaust is Exhausting

I started anew with the rear pipe because the first one
I made was, well, kinda crappy and it really took away from 
a much better effort on the from pipe. I guess at least
I have the ability to notice when I jacked something up 
and correct my mistakes. The new one flows much better,
fills in the space between the oil bag and trans better and
compliments the front pipe better. 
this weekend I'm tackling the exhaust mounts, relocating 
the regulator, and finishing the seat pan mounts. 
I really cant wait to start stitching the seat, four 
semesters of industrial sewing in Pat Fushimi's
class in high school will hopefully come back to me, and
prove useful!

Getting back to it!

After being out of work for awhile and getting to work on the bike
whenever I got the itch its been challenging to find time now that I'm
working again. I decided to devote some afterwork hours to
the Dodge and weekends to the bike until its done. The biggest
problem I run into is getting supplies on the weekend as everything
is closed so I started making a list of stuff i need to pick up in the 
evenings after work so I can make better progress over the weekend.