Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exhaust is Exhausting

I started anew with the rear pipe because the first one
I made was, well, kinda crappy and it really took away from 
a much better effort on the from pipe. I guess at least
I have the ability to notice when I jacked something up 
and correct my mistakes. The new one flows much better,
fills in the space between the oil bag and trans better and
compliments the front pipe better. 
this weekend I'm tackling the exhaust mounts, relocating 
the regulator, and finishing the seat pan mounts. 
I really cant wait to start stitching the seat, four 
semesters of industrial sewing in Pat Fushimi's
class in high school will hopefully come back to me, and
prove useful!


  1. dig your shov, the oil bag is killer. great eye to brain to hand work. thanks for keeping up with the blognerdpage too!


  2. Rob, been following your blog for awhile, good shit going on there, I dig your style its nerdarific, met you in Vail some time ago.

  3. were people calling me robot back then? refresh my cloudy memory. i didn't crack a poolstick on your face at the sandbar did i? i'll be in vail in a few weeks, denver too.

  4. Yeah Robot, No pool sticks though, Got punched in the face and punched a few faces at the Sundance in day. If your in D-town shot me a message and stumble by I'm on Walnut, straight from the country to the middle of City.

  5. i remember now... dirtmotos! you had a white one right? ill leave a comment when im headed to denver

  6. No, I don't know dirtmotos, were they the crazy foreigners maybe from chech? Had a stupid softail at the time. Bought a wheel from you and traded it for a Akront a few months later, best deal I ever made, even had a newish tire on it. Hit me up when you get in town.

  7. ok now i really remember... the coffee place in minturn, by marshalls dirt/snow moto shop. right? or strike 2?

  8. Thats right, I worked at the coffee place in Minturn and the liquor store in west Vail. Marshalls was a few doors down from the coffee place.